Saturday, March 21, 2015

Gas fireplace repair

Our Barbas Sirocco 350 gas fireplace
Our Barbas Sirocco 350 gas fireplace is functional but makes a rattling noise after ignition. The rattling noise stops after some minutes, but is quite annoying. Over time, it seems to take longer and longer before the rattling stops. I went online to see if I could find some information about this issue, but there was hardly anything out there. That is why I decided, after successfully repairing it, to write this post. Two warnings before you try this yourself:

  • there is no inspection hatch. You have to take it apart completely; which is not easy and a lot of work.
  • do not forget to switch off the gas and mains power!

What I did found online, was the website of the manufacturer. I contacted them by e-mail and phone, they are very friendly and supportive. I called them and they sent me the documentation and told me the problem could be one of the three values or the modubox. The modubox contains the control print. To test which value causes the problem, I was told to swap the outer valves. If the problem does not change, than the cause is probably in the modubox. I took photo's while I was taking the fireplace apart, I could refer to those photo's when I had to put it together again. I recommend you to do the same!

Front frame and glass removed
As I already mentioned, there is no inspection hatch. You have to take it apart starting at the front frame, working inwards. First remove the metal frame using an Allen wrench / screwdriver. Remove the metal clips and then the glass.

Red circle shows the panel that gives access to the gas connection
Remove the fake wood and all the screws. Take out all metal parts. The panel in the image above gives access to the gas connection.

Use a wrench to disconnect the gas connection

After removing the panel, use a wrench to disconnect the gas pipe. Make sure the gas is closed!

The unit removed
When the gas pipe is disconnected from the unit, you can lift it and disconnect the electricity. Make sure the mains power is turned off! Note that the unit has sharp screws pointing down. You don't want those on your wooden floor or table.

The unit with the modubox and the valves
The image above shows the opened unit. The modubox on the left and the three valves on the right. First thing to try is swapping the two outer valves pointed to by the arrows. Remove the cable lugs and the nut and washer on top of these valves. You can then push the valve to the back. In my case there was not enough room to remove them. I first had to remove the two black screws on the modubox side and use some force. After swapping the valves and putting it all back together I switched the mains power and gas back on. First the gas was not flowing. It worked when I tried fifteen minutes later. I read online that this is due to a safety valve in the gas meter. If after waiting for fifteen minutes, the gas is still not flowing, you can try to blow in the gas pipe to move the safety valve. In my case the issue with the rattling noise did not change. Next thing to inspect is the modubox.

The modubox enclosure and print

After coming this far I decided to take the fireplace apart again and inspect the modubox. The image above shows the modubox enclosure and print.

This stain took my attention

The stain under the electrolytic capacitor on the print on the left, above took my attention. I used my multimeter to measure the capacity of this electrolytic capacitor. It turned out that it had lost all of its capacity.

Replaced capacitor
In one of the devices that I have in my drawer, I found a capacitor with the correct capacity and voltage. This time the fireplace worked like a charm after putting it all back together again! 


  1. Aside from the aesthetic downside, I've been really hesitant to get involved with a gas fireplace for just the reasons you've pinpointed. I don't want to hear a rattling sound coming from my fireplace. What I really want is a crackling sound and that's not even attainable with a gas fireplace either. I'm glad I stuck with real wood.

    Carry Scanlon @ Chim Chimney

  2. My house is heated by central heating. For me, the fireplace is a nice to have. I live in an urban area, and there is already quite some fine particle emission from all the traffic. Burning wood would add much more to that, than burning gas. While air quality is important to me, I am happy with my gas fireplace and glad that not many of my neighbors are burning wood.

  3. Harstikke bedankt voor het plaatsen van deze kachel reparatie.Bij mij had ik hetzelfde probleem. Op de printplaat de condensator vervangen en na de eerste kacheltest geen geluid meer. nogmaals bedankt

    1. Leuk om te horen Jan! Dit was precies de reden dat ik het online heb gezet.

  4. Hoi Robert,
    Wij hebben thuis ook een gaskachel en ik had deze graag aangesloten via één van zijn contacten op onze thermostaat. Nu heb ik een soortgelijk modubox, maar ik vind daar geen enkele documentatie van terug. Ook de winkel vanwaar de kachel komt is niet hulpvaardig. Heb jij daar documentatie van gekregen?

    Top blog!

    1. Nee, bovenstaande tekst en afbeeldingen bevat alle informatie die ik ervan heb.

  5. Hallo Robert,

    Goed dit te lezen! Ik heb precies het probleem wat je beschrijft. Weet je precies wat voor condensator je vervangen heb? Dan kan ik die alvast via internet bestellen; want ik heb geen la met diverse condensatoren :)

    Met vriendelijke groeten,

    1. Dag Tom, ik weet helaas de waarde van de vervangen condensator niet meer. Ik kan dat ook op de foto's ook niet zien. Je zult eerst moeten demonteren om de zelf de waarde af te lezen. Als je dat hebt gedaan wil ik die waarde wel graag weten, zodat ik de tekst kan aanpassen.