Saturday, February 27, 2016

Building a second 3D-printer - rails, belt and motors

Time for an update about the 3D-printer build.
What the printer looks like now

Two of the lineair rail carriages were not running smooth.

One of the new linear rail carriages

After receiving a new pair and the M3 T-slot nuts, I could continue the build with mounting the lineair rails to the frame.

The top idler

After mounting the lineair rails, I mounted the top idlers. Two flanged bearings (F623ZZ) make them run smooth.

End stop switch
I designed and printed a small part to hold the end stop switch. Good to have a my Prusa Mendel i2 3D-printer still up and running for that!

Carriage for open ended belt
The carriage for open ended belt is mounted to the lineair rail carriage. The printer arms will be mounted to the two parts sticking out. The screw at the bottom can be used to tension the belt. There is also a screw on top (not visible on the photo), that screw touches the end stop switch and is used for calibration.

Rubber motor mounts to dampen the noise

Motor mounted to the frame.
After mounting the motors the belt can be mounted. I used hex screws and an allen key to fasten the screws.

Parts used

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