Saturday, January 23, 2016

Building a second 3D-printer - the frame

It has been three years, since I built my first 3D printer. The Prusa Mendel i2. I have been thinking about building a new printer for some time now. Compared to my current Prusa Mendel i2, I want:
  • more build volume;
  • more speed;
  • heated bed;
  • probably switch to 1,75 mm filament.
I liked the Mendel Max 2, but once I saw a delta printer, I was sold. I wanted to build a delta.
I do not buy a kit, because I do want to select all the parts myself:
  • 2020 aluminium instead of 15 mm;
  • metal corners instead of printed once, for better rigidity;
  • 24 volt power supply, for higher speed;
  • 32 bits processor for higher speed;
  • lineair rail instead of wheels for better stability;
  • 0.9 degree stepper motors, for more precision. I will start by using normal steppers;
  • Raspberry Pi with OctoPrint to control the printer;
  • big LCD12864 display;
  • a heated bed.
So I want a delta with a big build plate. That is why I choose to build a Kossel XL. I want 2020 aluminium for the frame. I went looking online for metal corners, because that would give the printer more stability. I found those at They also have metal versions of the carriages and end effector.

The downside of selecting all parts myself will be that:

  • I probably have to buy the parts at different stores;
  • and because of that, I won't be sure the parts will fit together;
  • and because of that, have to buy more parts.
  • which will take time. But hey, I still have my trusty Prusa i2.
That was what happend when the first parts arrived. It turned out, that I needed M3 T-slot nuts to mount the sliders. I had only ordered M5 T-slot nuts.

The first two packages did arrive
The parts next to my Prusa i2 spread on the table

The frame
Cutting thread for the feet

Feet attached

Parts used so far

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